Stump Removal Services In St Louis & Columbia, MO and surrounding areas

When a tree falls or is removed from your property, it leaves behind a stump. While stumps will decay naturally, the process can take decades and leave you with an eyesore and a tripping hazard. When you want these stumps removed, look to Stump Stomper for help.

Stump Grinding

A fast and effective way to get rid of a tree stump is through stump grinding. As a professional stump company, we'll use heavy-duty machinery to shave down the tree stump until it is completely removed. Our professional tree stump services include the removal of tree stumps of any size. Our equipment can fit through a 36-inch gate to get almost anywhere. We can remove one or several stumps, even in awkward locations, to improve the appearance of your front or backyard and allow you to use your space as you would like.

stump grinding services

Our Stump Removal Pricing

Stump removal ranges from $2 to $5 per inch depending on ground condition, ease of access and the size of the stump. Stumps are measured at the widest point at which the trunk touches the ground. There is a minimum charge of $75 for the trip to cover travel costs to your area. This charge includes the first 15 inches of stump grinding.

Currently Serving The Following Areas:

St Louis, MO & Surrounding Areas

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